Why Convenience Foods are Fat Loss Enemies

Why Convenience Foods are Fat Loss Enemies

It is very tempting when you don’t have much time to turn to convenience foods. You believe that eating something is better than eating nothing, right? So, you do your best to choose the healthiest looking thing – even if it’s at a fast food restaurant.

But is this really best for your diet? Convenience foods are not good for your weight loss plan and should be avoided at all cost.

Although being on a healthy eating plan does require some advanced planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be as hard as most people think it is. By taking the time to pre-plan your meals and always have a healthy snack to hand, you won’t find yourself stuck with nothing to eat.

Let’s take a look at why convenience foods are so damaging to your diet. Then you can see more clearly why staying away from them is an absolute must. It can take time to change your ways, but it’s worth it for your health in the long run.

Convenience foods spike insulin

Insulin is the fat storage hormone in the body. When it’s high, you’re more likely to be storing body fat.

Provide few nutrients

Due to the high amount of processing that goes into these foods, most have been stripped of their nutritional content.

Lack of dietary fiber

Without dietary fiber, you won’t feel satisfied after eating these foods. So you will feel hungry a short while later.

Increase blood glucose levels

As convenience foods break down so quickly in the body, your blood sugar will shoot way up and then crash back down. That will leave you hungry, irritable and unable to focus.

Convenience foods contain simple sugars

Sugar in convenience foods
Most convenience foods have added sugars. These are what you don’t want in your diet. They may contain artificial sweeteners that will harm your health.

Contain far too many chemicals

You will often find that these foods have added food colorings and preservatives that do not promote optimal health.

They don’t provide satiety

After eating convenience foods it is rare to feel fully satisfied.

They contain trans fats

Trans fats are the most harmful variety of fats to eat and these are often added only to increase the shelf life.

Unhelpful in learning healthy eating habits

If you constantly rely on convenience foods, you’ll never see it can be just as easy to make different choices and eat healthier.

Calorie dense

Most convenience foods are loaded with empty calories, making weight control virtually impossible.

Small serving sizes

Convenience foods are generally small in size which can lead you to eat two or sometimes three portions. You’ll be overeating on calories, but your body will be left craving nutrients.

In a nutshell

So, as you can see, it is important that you do your absolute best to avoid convenience foods. While you may think they’ll tide you over until your next meal, they are just going to put a dent in your progress and could in fact lead to fat gain.

Choose healthier whole food options instead, and you’ll not only look better, but feel a lot better too.

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