4 Easy Ways to Tackle Menopause Weight Gain

4 Easy Ways to Tackle Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain is common due to the hormonal changes and their effects. It also makes it harder for them to shed the pounds.

If you’ve reached menopausal age and feel tempted to ditch your fat loss goals, resist the urge.

Despite what some may think, it is possible to slim down around menopause. In fact, taking action now to become more fit is a great idea because it can lead to you living a longer, healthier life.

You may soon find out that it is actually not as difficult to lose weight during menopause as some say – even without undergoing the torture of an extreme diet. Here are four things you can begin doing today to start your menopause weight loss off right:

1. Get serious about getting sleep

That something as simple as getting enough high quality sleep can cause a menopausal woman to slim down might be a shock, but it does work. Ironically, menopause is notorious for disrupting healthy sleep habits. This means you may have to put in a bit of extra effort to relax and nod off.

Sleep helps weight loss during menopause in many ways. First of all, being well-rested helps to improve your chances of having enough energy to get in a good workout. As well, sleep is the time when the body goes to work repairing itself – including flushing out the toxins that support excess fat.

A good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping to optimize your metabolism. It also reduces stress levels – stress hormones increase belly fat, so reducing them can help you lose weight.

Note that the quality of the sleep you get can prove more important than the amount of sleep. Especially if menopause has been causing you to miss out on getting proper rest, make the effort to improve the quality of your sleep by improving the environment in which you sleep; have a good mattress, make sure the room is a comfortable temperature, play soothing sounds, and try some aromatherapy.

2. Drinking the amount of water your body requires

Water is an essential nutrient for the human body. The metabolic processes that prevent fat storage and metabolize stored fat cannot take place without water.

In a busy lifestyle, it can be all too easy to neglect drinking enough water. Your body needs at least 8 to 10 glasses a day – when you’re not used to drinking the right amount of water, that can seem like a lot to stomach.

There are actually several great reasons women around menopausal age should do all they can to get their proper amount of H2O daily:

  • It helps to reduce hot flashes.
  • It protects the elasticity of skin.
  • It counteracts water retention.
  • It helps to keep the body processes functioning optimally.

Drinking enough water everyday can help you to live longer and get down to your goal weight. It is an especially helpful approach to weight loss for women going through menopause.

3. Start doing some heavy lifting to combat menopause weight gain

Controlling menopause weight gainMany women avoid weight lifting because they worry about gaining too much muscle mass, but this type of exercise is great for losing weight around menopause. The human body tends to lose muscle as it ages, but muscle-building exercises can slow the process.

Muscle burns more calories than fat. It also takes up less space than fat. Women would have to go to extremes to build enough muscle mass to reduce their femininity. You can lift weights a few days a week to achieve your weight loss goal.

4. Fall in love with high intensity interval training

Many of the women who complain about not being able to lose weight during menopause do aerobics but not high intensity interval training, or HIIT. While there are some benefits to traditional cardio, HIIT reigns supreme for fat loss at any age.

A HIIT routine burns more calories and fat per minute than most other types of aerobics to help reduce menopause weight gain. It brings you amazing results even after you’ve reached menopausal age.

Don’t let menopause block you from the body of your dreams.

Fat becomes more stubborn, staying put and increasing in volume, and muscle mass tends to waste away during menopause. Your body is changing, but that does not mean you lack the power to ensure the change you experience is for the better. Using these tips, you can slim down and feel great.

In a Nutshell: To prevent menopause weight gain you need to have quality sleep, drink plenty of water and concentrate on HIIT training and heavy weights.

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